Cisco VPN Connection with Android - Connect to the University of Bern


cisco anyconnect now available in the market. you still need a rooted phone. Get it Here


 add new
 give a name
 server address :
 keep certificates automatic

Here is the how to for Phones using Android.

you need to have a rooted phone: search google for your phone and rooted. For HTC use this page here: unrevoked.

my specs:

– htc desire, rooted and opendesire 3.1 (froyo without htc sense) from this great project:OpenDesire

Here we go:

– Download the VPN Connections for the market (this software needs superuser rights to be installed and this is why your android has to be rooted)

dowload link on google code

– grab the information from the vpn profile of the university of bern (VPN2Unibe.pcf) (follow this link) and open it with a text editor.

Open VPN Connection on the android and add new network and fill the informations requested:

Connection Name: Give any name (Vpn2Unibe)

IPSec gateway address:

IPSecID : Everyone

IPSecSecret: use this link to decrypt the group password line. (look for !enc_GroupPwd=********************)

Username: your campus username

Password: your campus password

this is IT

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