GRiS - Google Reader for iPhone

Update: The latest version downloads your folders from the reader and you can select them

I have installed it. couldnt get it to work. specially the Feeds (tags) section was weird. Then i came across the cruxial hint – tags = folders in Google Reader. So here it’s how to set up your jailbroken iPhone.


from Cydia Installer


Google Reader Visit your Google Reader Page and go to the settings section. If you have already sorted your RSS into folders remember them or creat a new folder called whatever e.g. “iRSS”. Then put all your feeds into that folder


  1. Accounts: fill in your google authenification
  2. Feeds: Here enter the desired folder (remembered from GoogleReader) or the iRSS
  3. Sync: select how many you want to download and press sync
  4. Items: Here are the articles


If you have a huge number of feeds or a feed with fast updating articles (like google news etc) it isnt a good idea to include it. Because the GRiS doesnt show the Article sorted into your feeds. Therefore i have created a new folder for downloading to the iphone. GRiS is nice to have your articles ready offline but whenever i’m online i use the native GoogleReader.

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