How to add an Ubiquiti UniFi AP to your network

Unifi AP setup[network software howto 20141126]

Unifi Controller

  • Install from Unifi Spotware from their website (

Unifi AP

  1. discover it in your network mannully using eg fing, dhcp table of your router
  2. ssh into it, login ubnt, pwd: ubnt
  3. issue this command

set-inform http://ip-controller-ip:8080/inform

launch the controller website:

configure as you like

if status diconnected then

upgrade the firmware in the AP directly

location of the firmware on your pc: C:\Users{username}\Ubiquiti UniFi\dl\firmware\BZ2

use this command (replace ip and version number:) if comming from v2 upgrade http://controller-ip:8080/dl/firmware/BZ2/

upgrade from v3 nohub upgrade http://controller-ip:8080/dl/firmware/BZ2/


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