iphone Google Calendar Sync via calDAV

(for firmware 3.0 and up)

goto Settings – Mail, Calendar, Contacts – add other – use calDav Account then

for a single Calendar:

address: www.google.com
username: user@gmail.com
password: #######
name:Google User Calendar

for multiple calendars in the same account:

do for every calendar the above step and then go to advanced settings and replace the address with your -> get the iCal address from your Google account


use the settings above. no additional work needed.

Extra Calendar:

Your modified Calendar link should look like this:(user means user, not your username. the bold part is what is specific for your calendar) http://www.google.com/calendar/dav/**asdfjkljsf73j4l348kajlfas8f%40group.calendar.google.com**/use

Another Calendar:


(send this info to your email and copy/paste it…)

next step: how to sync your contacts

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